Five Principles of Increased Business Efficiency

No one ever said that running a business is easy, and that is exactly why you are always on the hunt for ways to make your operations run better. If you manage people, build products or supply services, there are five key principles that can be applied to virtually any business to improve success. While you undoubtedly have some understanding of each of these ideas and use them as best you can, taking a moment to analyze your business with these ideas may just open the gateway to a complete revolution. Take a look at how you can improve business efficiency in realistic and implementable ways.


Many smaller businesses fail to understand the true value of a dedicated, full-time administrator. It’s easy to assume that management can handle all of the little things done by this position, but organizing and delegating administrative tasks is usually the fastest and easiest ways to improve efficiency, time management and quality of work. First, when a manager is freed of unnecessary administration, they can focus more on the problem-solving elements of the job, enabling them to respond to unexpected issues much faster.

Much more importantly, a dedicated administration will keep the entire company organized. Communications will be filtered through this path to ensure everyone is aware of all developments, and delegation can be handled to keep the right people on the right tasks. Add on to that an administrator’s value in maintaining regulations and requirements, and you see that they keep every to their specialties while ensuring that quality, legal and technical boundaries are never crossed.


The first thing that most independent evaluators investigate in a business is the opportunities for automation. The benefits are obvious. Computers are more consistent than humans, so wherever possible, let them improve consistency. No matter the business type, there are a few standard ways to add automation.

The first opportunity is with smartphones. Whether you supply them or have just admitted that your employees use them during the work day, this is an unparalleled advantage. The devices can be used for anything from calculations to reminders, and they make it easy for the administrator to provide reliable communication about anything important.

Outside of smartphones, the next best way most companies can automate is in bookkeeping. Taxes, invoices, timesheets, receipts and all of the other paperwork bog many companies down. In many cases, even administrators are encumbered by the sheer mass of items than need to be catalogued at any moment. Automating software saves hundreds of labor hours per week, so even if the startup costs feel heavy, you’ll be saving money in no time. In general, you should always be looking for ways to automate your process to make it more systematic.


If it isn’t obvious yet, each of these points builds on the previous. You’ve heard countless times that communication needs to be clear, direct and two way. Taking the ideas a bit further is what will really set your business ahead of the competition. The highest quality and best turnaround times come from seamless communication. It begins with an administration that makes important information easily accessible in a timely fashion, and it is enhanced by incorporating technology that is already at work. The final opportunity closes in when employees have efficient, reliable channels to send constructive feedback.


Everyone raves about the value of multitasking. Don’t buy into the ridiculousness. If you get lucky and find a genuinely exceptional multitasker, hang on to them. In the meantime, the other mortals working for you will give you their best work if you let them focus on a singular task. This doesn’t mean that they need soundproof, distraction-proof work zones, but if you let them complete one task before bombarding them with the next, you will decrease stress, increase happiness and generate an environment that promotes quality.

Of course, you can’t sacrifice time tables, and that is where the other tools help this point. Your employees should always have a clear idea of their timetables and expectations, with room for revision when they report back on what may or may not be too ambitious. Assisting them with time management frees their resources for the work they actually need to do. The culmination of these effects will lead to work that makes fewer mistakes and misses fewer opportunities for improvement.

The Systematic Approach

Everything you have read so far may or may not be easy to implement. The principles of a systematic approach are the keys to designing your business in a way that enables the best results from all of it. You can see how this circles back to automation, but there will always be things that require a human touch. In these regards, you should explore generalized policy that makes it easy for every facet of your business to build consistent results. Once you have the consistency, quality is just a matter of tweaking the process. If you are making the most of the other tools, this is the primary role of management: seeing to the system and making the necessary changes to improve the business.

Going Beyond Theory With

Everything mentioned is theoretical and fairly tied to common sense. Finding a real-world approach to having all of these tools might be frustrating. Then again, industry experts have already taken the time to create technology built around these principles. is designed for businesses in construction, service and homebuilding. It is software that can replace a human administrator, automating the nitpicky processes of filing, updating, reminding and invoicing. It works with smartphone apps that bring efficiency tools to the pocket of every employee, enhancing two-way communication and saving time by combining tools like signature capture, job reports, field notes and work logs. It makes it easy to itemize and delegate tasks while maintaining a set time scale, and it essentially hands you an automated, systematic approach that is easy to adjust and customize as you need. Check out a free trial and see just how much a single piece of software can revolutionize your business.

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