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Communication is the glue that holds a company together – but maintaining that bond while the team is both in the office and the field can prove problematic. Being able to easily delegate tasks and share status updates between subcontractors and project managers can make or break a property being finished on time.

Previously, most of the vital communication was being conducted over the phone leaving ample opportunity for information and calls to be forgotten and missed altogether. Leaving messages with support staff and following up on tasks was tedious and ineffective. Attaching photos of deficiencies involved taking, uploading then attaching with no easy way of marking up any areas of interest. There simply was no way to assuredly communicate between on site workers and management.

Tech companies and software developers have heard the grievances of project managers time and again, and now more than ever there are easy and affordable solutions to the communication problem.

Enter Deficiency Apps – Punchlist software to help manage your deficiencies like a pro and bridge the gap between office and field.

Most such apps are easy to use both on desktop and mobile platforms, eliminating mistakes and making it easy to communicate no matter where you are. With the ability to work both on and offline your data syncs automatically with your limitless cloud storage distributing tasks and communications to the right people – on time. Mobile platforms can switch from typing on the office keyboard to a smartphone from anywhere making it a seamless transition. When workers can access and edit information on-site, they are receiving and distributing the most up-to-date data available.

Project managers on site are now able to effectively communicate with both written and visual aids instantly to contractors and clients. Marking up photos and attaching them to tickets reduces the amount of back and fourth between parties, easily showcasing the deficiencies in question. Gone are the days of not being able to identify issues from vague notes or forgotten conversations.

Utilizing the abilities of deficiency apps, following up with contractors and vendors is no longer a hassle. You can automatically schedule and send out reminder emails about any outstanding tasks, deliveries or problems until the issue is marked completed and cleared off. Having the ability to carry around detailed instructions in your pocket and pull them up from any computer is like having a personal assistant 24/7.

While materials and practices might stay the same, the construction processes themselves are constantly evolving, largely due to the introduction of on-site mobile software and technology. Enrolling in a subscription of your own will fast-track your business to better communication, and productivity.

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