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Every project manager has good and bad days – but mastering the ability to manage the 7 major pain points of project management is the first step to making every day run smoother. With the introduction of technology on the jobsite, finding solutions to these every day problems have never been more accessible and easy to implement.


Pain Point 1: Organization

The number one most time-consuming part of any project manager’s job is keeping things organized. Keeping track of delegated tasks, planning out projects, assigning and getting to things in an orderly and timely manner are all important and often painstaking aspects of the job. Organizational tools such as online task management platforms help busy managers ensure that their teams are on task and on time without having to constantly worry about overlooking or forgetting what has been assigned.


Pain Point 2: Accountability

Keeping staff accountable is often a daunting task for any project manager. Being on top of accountability means holding the team responsible for the tasks and projects that they were delegated and executing them to the best of their ability. Keeping field workers accountable for their work will limit issues of finger pointing when it comes to liability and eliminates the opportunity for misunderstandings. Software solutions are a great option when it comes to tracking and keeping people accountable – each assigned task has a worker/team linked to it and it cannot be altered by anyone except the managers. Photos can easily be attached of completed work to refer to if needed to verify and ease any concerns or issues that may arise.


Pain Point 3: Consolidation

When you have a large group of people spread over multiple sites and offices, consolidating your information and keeping the lines of communication open and clear can be a particularly difficult thing to do. Having all of the necessary members of staff on the same page is not only going to save you a headache, but eliminate the risk of letting things fall through the cracks. Deficiency management apps are a project managers best friend, enabling the user to send out automated reminders, update emails and keep all of the task information accessible to everyone from anywhere via the cloud. Gone are the days of having to make multiple phone calls to get the information you need – simply log in and view all current tasks and projects at a glance and set and forget email reminders.


Pain Point 4: Follow-Up

Following up on projects can be a tedious and time-consuming part of a project managers day – but it is an important part of successful management. The ability to easily refer to the outstanding and completed tasks at a glance and automate follow-up emails and reminders is something that will become invaluable to any manager. Whether it be vendors, deliveries or punch-list items that need completing, task management software will ensure that no task goes unfinished.


Pain Point 5: Evaluation

Being able to provide clear and solid feedback is an important responsibility of any good project manager. A manager can only provide fair and timely evaluations to his or her teams if they are able to track and establish a pattern of work history and behavior. Evaluations are twice as effective and meaningful when they are backed up by evidence, such as photos of completed work and tangible statistics such as job completion rates. The best software solutions for project management come equipped with a dashboard and analytics software that can be used to track everything from hours spent, tasks closed and average response time per issue complete with photos and copies of the supporting documentation.


Pain Point 6: Visibility

Transparency and the ability to have easy access to information at your fingertips is a powerful thing in any organization. In project management, having the ability to share information instantly through other members of the team in real time can lead only to continuous improvement in overall performance. Having access to statistics, contact lists, work orders and other documentation in a moment from anywhere will keep your company side by side and is something that can be offered by a cloud based software solution.


Paint Point 7: Feedback

We touched base already on how evaluation issues can be solved with a good software solution, but the other side of that same coin is feedback. Not only are managers required and expected to provide helpful feedback to their teams, but also on completed issues. Having an easy to browse record of staff and work is vital to the reporting process giving a project manager the ability to comment on, approve and even send back work orders and tasks and attach valuable feedback to the tickets. With the goal being continual improvement and perfection for every client, feedback is a powerful tool in any project managers pocket.

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