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Change is vital to growing any business. Whether it be changing with trends, or adapting to new processes – learning to introduce and accept change in the workplace is one of the best ways to stay relevant and keep up with your competition. According to a study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting – an overwhelming majority of managers believe that “achieving digital transformation is critical” to their organizations. However, a resounding 63{993fbec9ce3b43acea6644d7a1a70a646f0096034e854441c8388b9599f5065b} of those interviewed said the pace of technological change is too slow, largely due to a “lack of urgency” and poor communication about the benefits. So how does one go about effectively transitioning new software or technology into the workplace?


Choose your platform wisely:

Before plunging into a new routine for you and your staff, be sure to do your homework. Is this technology right for your business? Will it reduce time, costs or any existing pain points? Is it affordable? Can it be easily taught? Will it integrate easily into daily operations? These are all things you must consider before signing yourself, and potentially skeptical employees up for the change. To increase the number of open minds you must always increase the number of reasons behind the switch.


Take it for a spin:

Many developers offer free trials or demo periods for their creations – be sure to take advantage of this time. Ask as many question as you need in order to feel confident in your choice and your understanding of the product. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or extra assistance while getting used to the in’s and out’s – it is in their best interest to assist you and spending the extra time can only lead to a more satisfied potential client. If you can’t wrap your head around something well enough to be its biggest fan, you should reconsider implementing it company wide.


Have a solid foundation of team leaders:

Being on board with new and critical changes in technology alone sometimes isn’t enough. Having a strong foundation of “leaders” in your organization on your side can help influence those underneath them. Once you have decided upon a new piece of software or tech you would like to introduce into your company, consider having a sit down with who you (and who the employees) consider people in leadership roles. “Wowing” them with the possibilities these new innovations can bring will allow them to champion the changes down the ladder and act as mentors and teachers when needed. Make sure to consider any feedback your team leaders may have for you, communication is key!


Provide access to proper training:

One of the easiest ways to lose support for a drastic change is for that change to leave your staff in the dust. Most companies providing a product or service will have the option to schedule training sessions with your staff for them to fully understand what they are dealing with. Some companies may opt to have only Senior staff fully trained and rely on them to pass down the lessons to their departments. On-boarding appointments are also a plus – having a trained technician able to customize your product specifically for you and your needs will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to start using it. Take advantage of any additional opportunities provided whenever you can – the more knowledgeable everyone is the less push-back you will get when taking the leap to becoming an everyday user.


Follow Up:

So, you’ve adopted a new software solution – committed to the changes, training and implementation. Now what? Well, the work isn’t done yet. Following up with your employees is the next step. Are they happy with the change? Do they see value in it? Does it truly decrease the time they spend on daily tasks and increase efficiency? Helping acknowledge the positive changes in the workplace will help reinforce the everyday culture of use. If you are getting negative feedback, consider scheduling some time with the people who are not convinced and make sure they fully understand the technology.


Give Feedback:

Regardless of how often we wish it were true, even the best companies can sometimes overlook something. Do you think that there are too many steps to accomplish a task? Do you wish that there was a feature that does not currently exist? Speak up! Technology companies rely on their clients to improve, innovate and change just as much as their clients rely on them for the same. Giving feedback to the company or service provider about your ongoing experience will help develop a relationship and ensure that the needs of both sides are met.

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