Trusting your company, your clients and your jobsites with someone can be a stressful thing – finding a Project manager who you can rely on is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you are successful. So what qualities make a good project manager? Today, we will go through five of the most important skills that Project Managers need to succeed.
1. Superior Communication Skills
Communication is the lifeblood of any activity, however it is especially integral when it comes to construction projects. Without good communication skills, trades workers would be unable to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities and projects are in constant danger of derailing completely. Successful project managers can effectively utilize email, hold meetings, relay status reports, make decisions and resolve issues. Project managers can simplify these tasks using software solutions in combination with their own skills.
2. Organizational Skills
Discrepancies and issues arise on any job-site, which requires project managers to frequently reassess the current status and prioritize tasks appropriately. A great project manager stays organized and tries not to be too analytical, focusing on getting the work done within the scope of resources available to them. There are many software solutions that can assist in keeping tasks straight and deadlines met available to help as well.
3. Ability to Delegate Tasks
Construction projects are generally not a single person task, so project managers must understand the importance of the ability to delegate tasks to trades workers throughout a project. There must be an amount of trust between managers and workers, as a project manager cannot possibly oversee every detail at all times. Recognizing trustworthy employees and delegating things to them is an important step in getting a project completed – followed by the ability to back off and allow the team to do their jobs.
4. Problem Solving Skills
It would be an amazing thing if nothing ever went wrong on a project, however preparing for the unknown is always a good strategy. While it’s impossible to predict every worst case scenario, project managers need to be able to adapt and keep a project running even when issues arise. Problem solving skills are especially important when an evaluation is needed to assess changes to project deadlines.
5. Action Oriented 
A great project manager needs to have the ability to distinguish between the big picture of a project, without getting bogged down by the little details or discouraged by problems that might occur. Breaking down large goals into manageable tasks in order to execute them, as well as the ability to avoid procrastination are two great ways to keep the flow of work going smoothly.
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