Eco-friendly initiatives are a hot button topic right now across the globe, and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon. Consumers are willing to pay more for products and services that are ‘green’ across the board, both in their homes and the homes themselves. Embracing green technologies and practices can make clients happy, and in turn give your company a gold star in reviews and even save some money.


Using Sustainable Materials

In the past, sustainable resources were considered lower quality materials and were often passed over in favor of their higher end alternatives. However, this is not the case anymore. Sustainable materials can actually help you lower your costs without compromising the quality of your craftsmanship.

For example, concrete is a widely used and massively popular material for the construction market. Eco-Friendly concrete contains recycled materials, but will still deliver a quality product.
Another example would be swapping out traditional bricks for wool bricks – they are actually 37{993fbec9ce3b43acea6644d7a1a70a646f0096034e854441c8388b9599f5065b} stronger than their predecessors. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability, but instead find a way for these two to meet in the middle.


Installing Eco-Friendly Appliances

The installation and choice of appliances doesn’t always fall to the contractor or builder, but whenever possible try to recommend choices that are greener. All home appliances now offer choices to lower electricity, gas and water usage and emit less waste materials into both your home, and the air. While it may seem like a steeper investment all around initially, you can reassure your clients that in the long run not only will they be saving money on utilities but causing less damage to the environment as a whole.



Did you know that recycling glass helps reduce air pollution by 20 percent and water pollution by 50 percent? Recycling paper and plastic around your home and office is a great way to start, but there are much larger ways your construction site can lend a hand to the planet.

Take a look at the materials that you are using and disposing of – are there glass elements that you can recycle? Metals such as steel and copper? Recycling these materials can greatly reduce pollution and can be a cost-saving measure for you as well. You can even turn in scrap materials for refunds and money in some cases. Recycling while on site will not only reduce your impact on the environment, but lessen the load at jobs end -more recycling means less garbage to haul away!


Monitoring Equipment Usage

If you’re not using it – shut it off. It’s a simple concept that can be overlooked while on a busy jobsite. When this happens multiple times per day, it really adds up. If your equipment doesn’t need to be on all of the time, shut them off to increase green efforts. Double check before leaving a jobsite that all lights are shut off and windows/doors are closed.


Streamline Your Processes – Digitally

With a vast library of software solutions available today, ditching the papers and notepads is the next logical step to not only improving organization, but being green. Project Management apps and forms apps are a cost effective, easy and eco friendly way to instantly reduce your carbon footprint while improving functionality of your day to day operations. Apps like WalkThru by GetCaughtUp Software and Get-R-Done can assist you with any of your paper reducing and project management needs. A greener today means a better tomorrow, and you can also boast about how your company is helping make a difference!

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