Sometimes, you can’t say it better if you tried! We were recently featured on the blog over at and in today’s blog post, we are going to share the knowledge that they have cultivated! Often times, the best solution isn’t to actually do it yourself, when there are software or tech solutions that you can employ affordably and easily – you will save yourself time and money in the end. Without further adieu, here are some great solutions for your business!



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From inception to success, technology can be used to help create, run and perfect your business practices from A-Z. Here are some great examples of companies, software and other technology solutions that can help both established and start-up companies. We have previously spoken about developing technology but today we are going to go over some great existing solutions.



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Figuring out and organizing your business plan is the first, and often hardest step for new entrepreneurs. Taking an idea from your head and making it a concept that you can share and follow can be daunting. Try laying out your business plan in a lean, canvas model at In under 20 minutes you will be able to visualize your plans.


Creating and securing your domain name:


It’s 2017 and having a searchable, accessible and functional webspace to call your own is essential to any established or growing business. Website services such as can provide you a domain name of your choosing at an affordable yearly rate, and even have services that can help you design a website. For more information and to find your perfect domain name,visit


Building your website:

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There are many options when it comes to building your website, you employ the services of a professional web designer if you have the funds, but there are many cheaper and even free alternatives if you want to give it a shot yourself. Websites such as and provide easy to customize templates that are drag and drop, as well as access to real web designers to help you on your way at a cost.  You can also easily browse many themes and purchase the perfect one at


Getting a phone number:

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You could list your personal number as you get started, but getting business calls on your personal phone number may become more of an annoyance than you are willing to put up with. You can get an affordable, easy to customize phone number from Grasshopper or Ringcentral. The online phone service allows you to customize options, mailboxes and even extensions of anyone who will need a number.


Creating a custom logo:

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If you aren’t the creative type, or don’t have a graphic designer on the payroll, you will need to employ outside services to help you create your logo. You can take your chances on websites like, or check out Logo Joy. Logojoy is a website that helps you make a logo using your chosen preferences and AI to generate something wonderful.



Getting cards and other print materials:

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You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to represent your company professionally in print. Simply design what you need on the website and voila! Vista print is our #1 choice for print and promotional materials. They have frequent sales, great customers service and the products have never disappointed.


Project Management :

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If you have employees, tasks and deadlines having a project management app is always a good idea. Companies like GetCaughtUp provide these services through their app that allows you to do a variety of tasks including automate emails, take photos and make markups, send tasks and deal with vendors.
Get a free trial at


Paperwork management and easy forms:


Whether its getting client feedback, internal forms, safety and everything in between – sharing and gathering information has never been easier than it is with Chameleon Forms. This innovative app will eliminate your need for costly and environmentally unfriendly paperwork, documenting information and storing it in the cloud for easy retrieval and filing. Check out the website for a free trial.



We hope that some of these technology solutions will help you as much as they have helped us! Please check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Digital Fractal Technologies is an Edmonton, Alberta based mobile app development company that focuses on data-driven mobile applications for enterprise clients. We develop both cross-platform apps as well as native mobile applications. For a free app consultation, please contact us. (Disclaimer: a lot of the resources are above, we actually use in our business!)