Deficiency management apps – or punch-list apps – are primarily marketed to builders and contractors. However, there are a wide variety of innovative ways that they can be used across different industries.


Property Management:

When a tenant has an issue – property management can easily submit a ticket to the proper department or maintenance worker with a few clicks from the office. They can track the progress of the repair until completion, and keep a record of the finished work in case any problems arise later on with their tenant. Having a photo log is a great weapon during landlord vs. tenant disputes – you can even use the app to document move-out deficiencies before repairs are made in order to have proof for any lawsuits that may come of the damages to the unit.



Whether it be tenants or guests, problems will eventually arise in any multi-unit building. Keep track of maintenance requests or even daily tasks such as refreshing linens and restocking toiletries by submitting tickets to the appropriate department, which they can mark as “done” when the task is closed. You will be able to see at a glance how smoothly your establishment is running and ensure that guests are kept happy.


On-Call Companies/Dispatch:

Another great way to use deficiency management software is in the dispatch of employees. Whether it be sending out a plumber to address a leaky toilet or bobcat to clear a parking lot – you can easily distribute tasks to multiple persons in moments. Some software even has a built in GPS feature in which you can actually see where the reports are being filled out to ensure your workers are actually at their assigned locations. You can send all of the information for the job in one easy to follow email and have a record of what is going on outside of your doors.


Event Planning/Management:

Any person who has ever planned a large-scale event, knows how easily things can slip through the cracks. Did the caterer get back to you? Do the staff who are setting up your stage know what time to arrive and what door to get in? Has your graphic designer sent off your flyers to the printer? Who is picking them up? Having new technology that can easily send reminders to and track outstanding issues can save the day. Until tasks are closed they will be auto-reminded and flagged for follow up to make large tasks more manageable.


General Business Management: 

Whether your business is large or small, keeping track of assigned tasks and sending reminders to staff is a great way to keep everyone on the same page and working efficiently. Send out a task to your marketing department to set up a new campaign, or shoot your sales guy a reminder about a potential client. Again, sending automated reminders and task updates will keep owners from chasing down staff for results and minimize stress.


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