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It is somewhere between exceedingly difficult and flat-out impossible to run a modern construction site without the aid of construction software. In fact, software does so much of the actual work these days it actually cuts out a huge chunk of overhead, allowing your company to place more attractive bids, hire more skilled workers, and maintain a project that stays well within budget. Here are several areas of the average construction job that are impacted greatly by the use of quality construction software.

Project Management Software

Good project management software is an integral part of any construction job because it does much of the legwork when it comes to planning and organizing projects. A comprehensive suite of digital project planning and management solutions does everything from estimation and planning to budget management and cost control. It helps construction managers with resource allocation and automates and streamlines the generation of all kinds of paperwork. Without these things there simply is no project to manage in the first place.

Project management software also provides vital information to everyone involved in the job from workers to upper management to stakeholders and is often used to provide evidence to support cost and labor estimates. Some of the typical issues covered by project planning software include:

  • Providing an overview of every aspect of the job (cost, duration, etc.)
  • Early warning risk assessment
  • Relationship between real-time estimates and historical information regarding the progression of the project
  • Resource optimization
  • Cost analysis

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