1. How much does it cost?
    See our pricing page.
  2. How do you calculate your pricing?Monthly pricing gets calculated based on the number of active users. Billing occurs at the beginning of the month and each user is pro-rated if is not added at the beginning of the month. Our pricing plan is tiered. For example, if Tier 1 is 1-20 users @ $15 per user per month and Tier 2 is 21-50 users @ $10 per user per month, the first 20 users are charged at Tier 1 pricing and the next users after 20 is charged at $10 per user per month.
  3. Can it work on your iPhone/Android as well?Yes, the WalkThru App work for both iPhone and Android devices.
  4. Is there information you can send me?Yes, email info@getcaughtup.ca or call 1-780-669-0944 x2 and a team member would be happy to give you more information.
  5. How secure is it? Can I have it on my server?Your data is secured on our encrypted severs to ensure maximum protection (Please review privacy policy for more info on this). In certain circumstances, we are able to allow clients to store their own data. If you are interested in having your data stored on your server you can email info@getcaughtup.ca for more information.
  6. Can it work offline?Yes, the WalkThru App will store any information added even if the device is office. It will que this data until the next time the device gets a wifi or LTE signal and then update any changes that were made when offline.
  7. Can I integrate with other programs? WalkThru App is always changing and adapting to meet our customers needs. Currently we do not integrate with other solutions but we will consider doing so if it can bring value to our clients.
  8. What if I don’t like it? You can simply stop using and paying for the service. We believe in our software which means we do not need to lock clients into contacts. If you are unhappy you can stop paying and stop using the solution risk free.
  9. Is it the same as Excel? No, WalkThru App is not like excel because of it’s automation features and mobile integration. However, we do have a feature that allows clients to export their excel files of data from the WalkThru App dashboard to review.